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Got a tabletop dilemma? Just say Mayday! From custom-fit card sleeves to zany game night adventures, we take playtime seriously. Founded on the belief that any game worth playing is worth protecting, we go out of the way to offer unique collector solutions for thousands of card games. And our growing library of original hits like Get Bit! and Coconuts "Crazy Monkey Game!" help break down walls and bring players of all ages to the table. Be sure to check out our new 2015 releases like Meteor and Viceroy! Let’s get gaming!

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Our Most Popular Bundle!

3 in 1 Bundle!

Hold Your Breath, Get Bit, and Walk the Plank!

"This bundle makes so much sense; each game is incredibly fun and has a push-your-luck element while using different mechanics and types of strategy... It's great that Mayday has found these games that go so well together from a thematic standpoint!"
-Jordan H

Based on Popular iOS/PC Game!

Dead Man's Draw!

Pirates, Thieves, and Treasure! Get your copy now!

"The iOS version is great but being able to now play while camping with the physical game is going to be even better. Get ready to haul in the sheets and set your topsails with the best family friendly press your luck game out there."
-Simon K

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Our Most Popular Game! Get it Now!

"Viceroy is an innovative game that is thematically sound and graphically beautiful. The art is so splendid to look at and the gameplay follows suit. Viceroy is a must buy for any gamers collection!"
-Ace M