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MTG Pro Card Game Sleeves - 66 x 91 mm - 80 Pack - Black Backed Textured

80 Card Sleeves Included Per Pack! Buy Now!

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7141 Mayday Card Sleeves

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These are for cards that are 63.5 X 88 MM, like Magic The Gathering Cards. So why are they stated as having dimensions of 66 X 91 MM? Good question. Some of our main competitors state their MTG sleeves as this much bigger size, for no reason we can figure out other than that their sleeves are way to big. Ours fit GREAT, so don't let the stated dimensions fool you!

Mayday Games put out the call for MTG Players to help us design the best possible card sleeve for MTG, and the call has been answered. You can read the discussion thread at:

You can also read some independent reviews at:

This is the all-new MDG-7141 Card Sleeve by Mayday Games. It comes with 80/pack and features a thick black-backed card sleeve that is slightly textured and of a matte finish. They are perfectly clear and have no annoying circular logo in the corner to cover up text. They also come in packs of 80, what most players say they prefer.

These are priced at $4.95 per pack, much cheaper than many other high-quality MTG Deck Protectors. These are now in stock!

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Bloody good! , 4/17/13
By Kiwi
Durable, consistent, great looking, good prices, also work GREAT with Thunderstone, not just MTG, and can get these in NZ - very happy!
Fantastic sleeves , 10/28/12
By Alan
These are the best sleeves I have ever used. They fit the cards perfectly, don't slip around and make your deck look sleek as hell. I don't think I'll ever use a different kind of sleeve.
Awesome sleeves , 7/8/12
By Alexey
So, I got a batch of 10 packs of Mayday Games Sleeves.

They're evenly cut: I've compared the sleeves from these packs and they seem to be of the same length.
Good quality - they just don't look like they're substandard
The perfect fits sleeves fit into MDGs just perfectly, there's no problem with inserting them.
They're opaque, hurray for my flip cards.
The back is 'roughly' textured, much like on Ultra Pro Mattes, and there's a nice feel with that back.
Shuffling is easy and nice, you don't have to apply a lot of force, meaning that corners should be more durable.
The newly sleeved deck doesn't suddenly spread from your hand all across the table, like KMCs and Dragon Shields tend to do.
'Rough' back probably also means that sleeves don't collect as much sweat and dirt from hands and table, as slicky KMCs and Dragon Shields do.
No logotype, marks or annoying holograms
They're quite thick, a bit thicker than Ultra Pros, so that probably should add to durability.

From a first look, MDGs are one of the best sleeves I've used for a while. I've already played my first tournament with double sleeved MDGs. No splits, no problems and no noticeable signs of wear yet. Been very smooth in shuffling.
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