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In Cahoots: Eaten By Zombies Expansion or 2 player stand-alone game

In Cahoots is a great new expansion for our very popular deckbuilder game: Eaten By Zombies. It is also a great stand-alone 2-player game!

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In Cahoots: Eaten By Zombies Expansion or 2 player stand-alone game

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You asked for it, you got it! Here is a brief review/overview of the game on!

Also The Dice Tower Preview is up:

Check out more specs and discussion on this game over on BoardGameGeek HERE.

Be sure and check out the rulebook that comes with In Cahoots! HERE.

Let's first start by saying if you've never heard of Eaten By Zombies then you're missing out! It was one of the top 10 most funded Kickstarter Board/Card Games of all time, effectively selling out almost the entire first print run in late 2011. You can check that Kickstarter project HERE.

Here is the review of the mechanics of the game by Drakkenstrike. Note the mechanics of "In Cahoots" are the same as the original 4-player game.

Tom Vasel's review of the game, the first 9 minutes are explaining how the game plays, the last couple are how he loved it! In fact, EBZ Card game made his top 10 Card Games of 2011 and he even mentions how he likes the game best as a 2-player game like In Cahoots will be!

We are finally coming out with the much anticipated expansion/sequel to the Eaten By Zombies game. Max, the designer, designed EBZ to be expandable which means the new In Cahoots! is not just a 2-player stand alone deck builder, but ALSO works as a 5-6 player expansion to the original! That's right, it combines with the 4-player game to make a 5-6 player game. The 4-player game comes with a foam insert which can easily be removed to accommodate In Cahoot's.


You can check out the full rules HERE.

Max and John have really outdone themselves with the cards in this game! Featuring 11 totally new swag cards, two new starting player decks, and five unique zombies JUST for this game! The new zombies are REALLY great, they come directly from fans from the last Kickstarter! They supplied the images and Max and John supplied the gore to make some really great cards! We just loved these and know you will too. See below the pictures submitted along side the final zombie cards from each contributor!

We hope you will agree the two new starting players "Dean" and "Nancy" fit right in with our growing survivor family!

With 11 new swag card sets you'll be able to replay this game many, many times and never have the same game twice. You can add these to the existing swag piles from the original 4-player game for even more diversity!

The award-winning Eaten By Zombies game was immediately recognized as one of the best game boxes in a long time. So how about for In Cahoots? Max has designed it to look like an ammo pouch and to be quite minimalist in it's final presentation, while still retaining a nice package for retail shelves. Here is Max's brief overview of how the final box will look.

The box will be of the same great material as the original EBZ game and the cards will also be of the same amazing quality!

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