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Get Bit! Shark & Robot Game!

With a great concept and wonderful art by Gavin Schmitt, we are confident you will love this 3-6 player "filler" style game. You can play in 10-20 minutes and it is just fun!

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Get Bit Card Game - Mayday Games

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"You don't have to be faster than the shark, just faster than your friends!"

Get Bit! is a card game where players are competing to stay alive as the others are being eaten by the shark. The order of the swimmers is determined by simultaneously playing cards face-down then revealing the values. The number on each player's card determines position in line (higher numbers in front, lower numbers in back), however ties don't move. The swimmer at the back loses a limb to the shark and is flung to the front of the line! The process is repeated until only two swimmers remain on the table. When this happens, the swimmer at the front of the line wins the game!

The newly released Mayday Games Version of Get Bit! includes updated colors, fixed cards, revised box/graphics and of course the much needed SHARK! Check it out below:

Tom Vasel Ranks Get Bit! #72 of 100!

Tom Vasel Reviews Get Bit!

Special Thanks to Alexander Montgomery and his son for drawing the fan art picture (the 2nd picture) after playing a few games of Get Bit! We are glad you guys liked it and happy you shared it with us!

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Great for the whole Family , 6/7/12
By Krolm
I picked this up after watching Table Top. I wanted something that I could play with the whole family. We play a lot of card games witht he grandparents on down to my kids. So this was an easy game to bridge the gap and have the whole family at the table having fun.

Good family fun!
Fun little game! , 6/7/12
By Pyrilamine
I saw this game on Wil Wheaton's Tabletop show and HAD TO HAVE IT! It's such a great game for all ages. It can be easily transported so you can just keep it in your backpack and have it ready to go any place, any time. It's also good for those in between game times when you're waiting for other people to finish other games.
Great game for all ages , 6/4/12
By RPGgddss
This game is fantastic! It is a quick game that can be understood and enjoyed by children of all ages, and yes...admit it adults, when we play boardgames, the kid in us all comes out. This game is a blast. And I love that the little robots come apart. So much fun!
Quick and easy to teach , 6/2/12
By Gilbert
We play this game as a filler at our gaming group while waiting for all the people to arrive. It's great for this because we can add people only a few minutes after they arrive. To teach the game, I just have everyone draw a card randomly and then apply the game mechanics of moving and freezing the robots and removing a limb from the slowest one. After 2 rounds, everyone understands the game and is ready to play. This is a game with very simple rules that generates a lot of laughter.
Great filler game. , 6/1/12
By William
I was able to play this game at a convention, and fell in love with it. I was so glad to pick it up.

The game is very strategic , great thinking game. But very fast.
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