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Eaten By Zombies Promo Deck: We Have the Bomb

The 'We have the Bomb!' promo comes with 9 cards; 8 'Bomb Shelter Swag cards and one 'We have the Bomb!'.

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Eaten By Zombies: We Have the Bomb Promo

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    This is a set of cards for the "We Have The Bomb!" Promo pack that was available originally to Kickstarter backers and preorder customers from Origins/GenCon this year. It was not available at Essen and is not available in stores. We have a very limited supply of these coming back in stock in mid-November, so if you want one this is your chance! Hey, look what you found! It’s a safe cozy shelter to hide from all those pesky zombies outside… but if you have a Bomb Shelter then who has their finger on the BOMB? With the 'We have the Bomb!' promo pack the ante has just been upped. Now you don’t just have zombies to worry about because someone is about to drop a bomb on you! The survivors are about to become collateral damage … you'd better hope you have a shelter in that Safe House of yours! The 'We have the Bomb!' promo comes with 9 cards; 8 'Bomb Shelter Swag cards to add to any game of Eaten by Zombies! and one 'We have the Bomb!' a unique card that will be added to the bottom ten cards of the 'Zombie Deck' to be dropped on all the Survivors and Zombies at the same time. Instructions for play are already in your base game as each copy of the base game includes a tab for the We Have The Bomb cards already. Cheap shipping worldwide on this one!

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