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Card Game Sleeves - 63.5 x 88 mm - 50 Pack - Premium

Premium sleeves to protect all your 63.5 x 88 mm cards.

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7077 Mayday Card Sleeves

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    Popular For Use With: A Game of Thrones LCG, Dominant Species & Race for the Galaxy
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    This card sleeve set is a 50 pack of card sleeves that are designed to protect any card with dimensions of 63.5 x 88 mm.

    What Do I Get?

    These card sleeves are perfect for our deck building game, Eaten By Zombies!

    So what is the difference from our standard card sleeves and our premium sleeves? The standard sleeves are a great thickness and quality for protecting your games on a budget. They are sold in packs of 100 and are perfect if you want to protect your work-a-day games from sticky hands, spills and general wear and tear. Our premium sleeves are sold in a 50 pack and are 125% thicker than our standard thickness sleeves. These sleeves offer a sturdier case and stronger protection for your cards. If you have a rare or expensive game and just can't bear to have the cards looking anything but pristine, then this is the card sleeve for you!

    There are others out there selling similar products, but ours are less expensive, higher quality, and designed to actually fit the cards snuggly. This is the ultimate card sleeve for your cards and is sure to please!

    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by their respective trademark holders. No challenge to any intellectual property rights is intended or implied by representations of compatability and no endorsements of any of our products by any other company is implied or represented.

    Please note some games require multiple sleeve sizes!

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    Be careful of the size - double check your cards , 2/23/13
    By Psy
    The sleeves are a good quality and fit exactly the size advertised, ie the internal fit is 63.5 x 88mm. These are perfect for MTG cards or older Netrunner cards from WoTC.

    However this size is an issue when it comes to cards from FF Android: Netrunner, AEG Thunderstone or GG Ascension as cards from these games are slightly too big to fit in these sleeves and poke out of the top of the sleeve by 1 or 2 mm. e.g Android: Netrunner cards are actually 63mm x 89mm!!

    Some other standard/card game sleeves have a little more depth to them, 91mm to 93mm. So double check your card game before purchase.

    Again I want to emphasize that there is nothing wrong with these sleeve's by Mayday. They are as advertised, designed to exactly 63.5mm x 88mm with no room for error.
    Good sleeves at the best price but quality control is lacking , 2/23/13
    By Kyle
    I have purchased maybe 5000 premium greens and 99% have fit well. This last purchase however, my first from Mayday directly, of 1000 sleeves were all too small. After lots of attempts at contact I finally got someone to message me back. Not outright refusing a refund (they more ignored the request) they sent me 500 more. Again this whole lot of 500 was too small. Now I have 1500 sleeves that will not fit anything that I own. Maybe before purchase think about getting the blacks since they are slightly bigger and fit more like KMC sleeves. I am debating on buying more than the initial test pack though...
    Premiums are always better , 2/23/13
    By Vardamir
    Yap, premium sleeves are always better from the standards in quality. I also understand that it cost more from the standard, but lets look again, how big is your sacrifice for your games? Premium sleeves protect the cards longer and better (reduce the cards risk to bent and broken). Not that I would recommend all cards need to be premium sleeved, but there are games (selected cards) that are need premium sleeves, based on the nature of the game (like 7 Wonders) and from you personal preference toward that game (for instance, Wiraqocha for me). And I also notice that premium sleeves have less problem size than the standards, they tend to fit. Based on my experiences (90% of my games used Mayday sleeves) I haven't found an error or miss size of the premiums, unlike the standards, which some of them weren't perfectly fit (which I still found tolerable).
    Premiums are always better , 2/23/13
    By Angrod
    Well, when you compared sleeves between the standards and the premiums, you can always tell, that the premiums are better. So, that also means cost with the premiums, I agree, but then again... there are some cards (certain type of games) in your personal preference that due to the nature of the game (like 7 wonders) or the special kind of game (in my preference it's games like Wiraqocha) that doesn't contain hundreds of cards, are more preferable to these premium sleeves.
    And I also noticed that premiums also has less micro size error from the standards> Based on my experiences (90% of my games used Mayday sleeves), there was no size problems with the premiums, unlike the standard one, which you can find some of the sleeves don't perfectly fit.
    Good sleeves , 2/23/13
    By Brian
    These are my go to sleeves for the deck building games in my collection.
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