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Euro Card Sleeves - 59 x 92 mm - 100 Pack

Sleeves to protect all of your 59 x 92 mm cards.

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7028 Mayday Card Sleeves

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Popular For Use With: Dominion, Agricola & Le Havre
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These sleeves are for cards 59 x 92 mm in size.

What Do I Get?

This is a simple set of card sleeves to protect your cards from wear and tear! If you play very many European Board Games, you have probably spent hundreds of dollars on your games. What happens to the best ones? They eventually wear out from hours and hours of fun! Don't let your cards get beat up, spilled on, marked up or destroyed by accidental mishaps. Spend a few bucks in these to protect your investment!!

Please note some games require multiple sleeve sizes!

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Inconsistent construction, hard to use , 2/23/13
By Bob
I bought many hundreds of these to sleeve Dominion games and expansions. I found the widths inconsistent, even within the same pack. I found myself having to hunt through packs to get reasonably consistent sleeves for the cards, and setting aside sleeves that were too narrow or too wide for use in other games.

The process was frustrating and I am upset with myself for buying these. I was in a situation where I had no choice but to use the sleeves -- the games were gifts, I had bought the sleeves earlier in anticipation, and the gift givers wanted to play with me -- and at this point I have no interest in replacements as it would mean re sleeving 1000+ cards.

The quality control on these is terrible, and I wouldn't recommend them to anybody. Sorry, but it's the truth.
Nice Sleeves , 2/23/13
By Stephen
Love these Sleeves, I have had zero problems with sizing, shipping or price.
Fit Great and Seem to last , 2/23/13
By Frank
I bought these for Dominion. They fit great, and I haven't had one break in 6 months of light play. They also shuffle well.
Best Card Sleeves , 2/23/13
By Alex
There are some poor reviews of these card sleeves due to the problems with some of the sleeves being too tight for the dominion cards. Mayday games has since fixed this problem and these sleeves have never fitted better!! I have every Dominion game set and every one of my cards is beautifully encased in these sleeves! I actually just placed in an order for 1200 sleeves (12 packs) for the upcoming Dominion expansions because I know and trust the quality and protection that these sleeves provide. This is seriously one of the BEST investments you can make in protecting your cards from damage!!

Seriously what are you waiting for? BUY THEM NOW! :)
Good Sleeves , 2/23/13
By Jason
Let me just say first off, I love the sleeves! I had a slight issue but was fixed so hears the story:
I recently started sleeving all my cards in my games so I put an order in through Mayday Games. The sleeves arrived and I started to sleeve my cards. These Euro Blue sleeves I had bought several packs and as was sleeving Dominion and Agricola. I start noticing some were more snug than others which wasn't a problem. The problem came when the sleeves were fitting the cards at all or the card were bowing in the sleeves. I had count just a little more than 100 sleeves out of the 9 packs of 100 each. 5-6 packs were good but it was the others that seemed to have wrong or mispackaged sleeves or they might have just been manufactored wrong. In any case, I contacted Mayday about the situation. They sent me 2 packss of 100 sleeves to fix the problem and all were a perfect fit. All in all, everything worked out great and I love these sleeves! I'd definitely buy again if needed!
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